7 Plants Perfect for Your Bathroom

7 Plants Perfect for Your Bathroom

Bathroom plants are a great accessory to bring a touch of the outdoors in and many have added benefits such as healing properties and the ability to clean the air. Check out our seven favourite low-maintenance bathroom plants, perfect for bringing a fresh look to your bathroom.

Introducing a plant into your bathroom instantly brings a fresh and pure feel to your room, exactly what you want in your bathroom. You can add a splash of colour to neutral palettes by big luscious green leaves or a touch of vibrancy with blooming flowers. It’s a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a quick makeover. Check out our favourites below.

Aloe Vera

Every home should have an Aloe Vera plant. The juice from this soothing plant can be used to relieve pain and heal scrapes and minor burns. It requires little care and prefers indirect bright light. Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Aloe Vera plants produce offsets that you can use to grow new Aloe plants, providing you with harvest for the plants healing gel.


There are many types of bamboo available so choose the best kind to suit the size of your bathroom.

Lucky bamboo is the spiral kind that has a thicker and more vibrant stem that spiralizers itself toward the top of its stance. Spiral bamboo doesn’t grow too tall so it makes a nice addition to smaller bathrooms or shelves and window ledges. Other more traditional types of bamboo can grow rather tall, even in smaller containers. If you want to create a partition or add depth to a larger bathroom, bamboo could be the perfect selection.


Commonly seen climbing the sides of country homes and public houses, ivy leaves have an iconic shape that has been replicated throughout a range of home accessories from crockery decoration to shower curtains. Overhang trailing leaves can be used to create cascades from high ledges and shelves, adding greenery to understated bathrooms and modern designs. Ivy thrives in all light situations and needs little watering but regular pruning as it can grow rapidly. There are many different types of ivy so choose one with the right colour and sized leaves for your bathroom.


Ferns make great houseplants as they adapt well to temperature fluctuations in a bathroom and love the humidity from steamy showers. Depending on the kind of Fern you have, some prefer moderate light whereas others need bright light. They’re low cost and long lasting and thrive in bathroom environments.


Orchids thrive in humid environments so they flourish well in bathroom settings. They are relatively small plants so you can cluster a few together for a fuller range of flowers. Some prefer moderate light whereas other types need bright light. They have beautiful exotic flowers in elegant white or vibrant fuchsia pinks, making them the perfect accessory to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. Plant it in a colourfully patterned pot and you’ve instantly updated your bathroom. Orchids require more care and attention than most household plants due to their delicate nature. They need watering around once a week and thrive in direct sunlight.

Peace Lily

Sophisticated, elegant and pure. Peace lilies require minimal care and appreciate the humidity of a bathroom environment. Peace lilies require regular watering so avoid letting the soil dry out. They flourish well in limited light though if your plant is not flowering, it may need slightly more light. Peace lilies are effective air purifiers and complement minimalistic décor. Taking a shower regularly should be enough to keep your plants thriving with luscious green leaves with elegant flowers.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is commonly found in bathrooms and is the perfect houseplant. It’s pretty, undemanding and resilient - in fact, it’s almost impossible to kill!

Spider plants like to grow in confined areas so use a plant pot not much larger than the root ball. It requires little direct sunlight, contributes to cleaner air, and is safe for your pets. It really is the ultimate all-rounder!

As your plant grows, it will form little plantlets along its perimeter. These can be cut off and grown on their own once roots have formed, giving you new plants for the rest of your home.

  Aloe Vera Bathroom Plant

While there are multiple benefits to having real-life plants in your bathroom and our examples above require little maintenance, there are good fake plants available in high street stores that look just as good. You can put plants in brightly coloured plant pots, woven baskets in natural tones or add some industrial texture with metal frames and metallic finishes to update the appearance of your bathroom.

Depending on the size, shape and positioning of your bathroom, consider using floor based plants, potted plants on shelves and window sills, hanging baskets and window boxes, or elevate arrangements of plants using stools or steps.

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