A Guide to Types of Tiles for the Bathroom

Guide to Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the tiles for your new bathroom is often one of the most difficult choices throughout the remodelling process. Not only should they look good, but they need to withstand different levels of wear and tear and water exposure.

With so many different types of tiles available, each with their own properties and suitable uses, we have written the following guide to help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are manufactured from quarried clay, which has been formed using a mould and fired in a kiln.
  • Porcelain tiles are essentially the same as ceramic tiles with one difference. They are also produced from clay, but in addition, contain sand or white dust called Feldspar.

Porcelain provides a denser tile than ceramic and is less porous. This means porcelain is much more hardwearing and durable, making it suitable for more heavily used areas. For instance, you may choose ceramic for wall tiles, but opt for porcelain tiles for your flooring.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be found in a range of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

As the name suggests, natural stone tiles are produced from natural minerals, which have been slabbed, finished and cut to size. Each resulting tile is unique in its looks, and there are a large number of varieties depending on where the stone was quarried and when.

Although natural stone is not usually impervious to water, for use in bathrooms it is given a waterproof membrane to withstand moisture.

Common natural stone tiles include Granite, Marble, Travertine and Slate. These tiles work well with both modern and traditional bathrooms.

  • Granite – Harder than other natural stones. Suitable for worktops and countertops or flooring with high traffic.
  • Marble – More porous than granite and not recommended for flooring. Can help bring a sophisticated touch to a bathroom, with a highly polished finish and interesting colours.
  • Travertine – Multi-layer stone suitable for floor and wall tiles. Requires careful use and maintenance as it can become easily scratched and stained.
  • Slate – Dense and durable with good natural textured surface, which provides slip-resistance. Suitable for use on floors, walls and countertops.

You should choose a tile that suits your lifestyle as well as your home. You want tiles that will be practical for how much use they will encounter, and stand the test of time when it comes to their looks.

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This is just an overview of some of the different tiles available. For further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Replace Your Bathroom to see how we can help with your bathroom tiling.

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