Bathroom Storage Hacks

Bathroom Storage Hacks

We design and fit so many small bathrooms that we have come up with a bunch of clever storage ideas to help maximise your space.

From crafty cupboards to space-saving shelves, you can transform your bathroom's storage with these smart hacks and tips. For those of you with larger bathrooms, why not check out how to organise your space more effectively?

Our bathroom storage ideas are the perfect way to get the most from small ensuites and help organise larger family bathrooms. These storage solutions will help restore order to your toiletries, cleaning products and towels for a neat and tidy bathroom.

Getting started

The first step to organising your bathroom is to empty its contents. This is an ideal opportunity to clean the backs of cupboards and cabinets too. As you clear your bathroom of its contents, throw away any products you don’t use and dispose of any medicines that are out of date. Organise the remaining products into cleaning products, make-up, toiletries, and so on. Wipe all the surfaces of your products with a damp cloth, cleaning them of dust and spillages.

Sort through your towels and neatly fold or roll the ones you want to keep in your bathroom. Any mismatched or thread-bare towel sets can be donated to homeless shelters, charity shops or animal hospitals, or cut them up into rags that can be used for cleaning.

Assess your existing bathroom storage solutions. You may have fixed storage units and shelving already in place. You want to organise your cupboards by having the most frequently used products at the front for ease of access.

Bathroom Cupboards & Cabinets

Rustic Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Mirrored cabinets are a two-in-one, space saving solution. Commonly fitted at head height above your bathroom sink, they are easy to access and can be multi-functional by choosing one with a light source or music output so you can sing along and be a shower superstar.

Fit a full length mirrored bathroom cabinet. It’s great for checking out your outfit before a night out but also gives you a large section of storage in your bathroom. Each shelf can be organised by family member, toiletries, medicines and cleaning products.

Skinny bathroom floor cabinets are the perfect solution to narrow spaces between walls and bathroom suites, helping to maximise your bathroom’s space.

Adhesive wall organisers can be fitted to the inside of a bathroom cabinet door to store smaller toiletries and make-up.

Mount a tension rod inside your cupboard to hang cleaning products with a spray nozzle on. They hook over the rod easily and don’t take up any precious shelf space. You can add S-hooks to hang cleaning cloths from too.

Tension Rod with Hanging Cleaning Supplies

Roll out drawers in bathroom cupboards utilise the height of the unit and enable you to organise your products accordingly.

Kitchen storage solutions are also great for the bathroom too.

Carousel rack systems give easy access to corner cupboards and wire drawers on runners can be easily accessed and store your products neat and tidily.

Spice racks can be a valuable addition to the inside of your bathroom cupboards. They add storage space and organise products like nail polishes and medicines in a visible way, saving you time when looking for what you need.


If you have drawers in your bathroom, they can be easily organised by introducing kitchen utensil or cutlery drawer organisers. If you’re feeling handy, why not make an organiser from wood or even recycle boxes by cutting them down and re-fixing them to fit your drawers.

Bathroom Drawer Organiser


Bathroom shelves are a fantastic way to introduce different colours and textures into your bathroom. They are readily available in a vast range of colours and materials so you will easily find a style to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Built in Wooden Bathroom Shelves

Shelves can be fitted to almost any angle and can be fitted one above another to increase the amount of space available to store things.

If you have a small bathroom, consider using corner shelves that take up less wall space or fit a shelf above your main bathroom door where there may be wasted space.

Fitted Shelf Above Bathroom Door

Upcycle an old drawer by getting crafty and giving it a finish that will complement your bathroom. It can be fitted to the wall to create a storage feature or if you want to hide its contents, use some material to make a curtain to create a cabinet.

If you’re planning a new bathroom, a recessed shelf in your shower or bathroom wall can be designed with contrasting tiles for a focal point that offers a shelf space for your bathroom products. If you have a stud wall, consider having shelves installed in-between the walls to utilise the wasted space.


Storage baskets come in all different shapes and sizes making them a popular choice for organising the contents of your cupboards. Wire baskets are great for being able to see what is in each basket, saving you from having to rummage through them.

Woven baskets offer a natural look that can be used as a feature upon wooden shelves or even placed on the floor to store your rolls of toilet tissue or rolled-up hand towels.

Plastic storage baskets are ideal for storing your cleaning products and liquids. They are sturdy and should anything leak or spill, they are easy to clean and won't stain easily.

Bathroom Woven Storage Baskets

String together buckets and hang to a hook on your bathroom wall for added storage space. Buckets are great for storing hair styling appliances and smaller items such as toothbrushes and vanity accessories. Buckets are easy to hang from hooks fixed to shelves or can sit upon shelves as a featured display.

Bathroom Shelf with Bucket Storage

Jars & Tins

Old sweet jars are perfect for shabby-chic bathrooms and store cotton wool, make-up sponges and cotton buds away nicely. Consider using coloured glass jars to add a splash of colour to your bathroom if you have a neutral pallet.

Recycle tins you have left over from cooking. Remove the labels and leave them as they are for an industrial look or decorate with patterned wallpaper or paint.

Wall Mounted Jars for Storage
There is a wide range of hooks available so choose a style that will complement your bathroom. You can use temporary or permanent hooks in a variety of places around your bathroom from towel rails to the back of your bathroom door. Hooks can be fitted to the underside of shelves to hang towels or even buckets and baskets for added storage space.

Bathroom Shelf with Hooks for Towels

Salon Trolley

A storage solution on wheels! Salon trolleys enable you to block other storage areas but also access them easily by simply wheeling your trolley out the way. You can add other storage systems to a trolley to help organise your products better and use the handle as a towel rail. Baskets and boxes will help keep this exposed storage solution neat and tidy, keeping clutter at bay.

Salon Trolley for Bathroom Storage

If you fancy a DIY job, a towel ladder is ideal! Refurbish an old wooden ladder by sanding and oiling or painting it. Swap the steps for metal rods to update its look and lean against your bathroom wall. Place freshly laundered towels over the steps and hey presto! You have yourself a new fancy towel rack.

Similarly, swap the steps for window boxes to create more storage space.

Bathroom Shelf Stand and Towel Ladder
In-shower organisers

There is a range of wall mounted storage racks that can be fitted to the walls inside your shower area as well as storage systems that hook over your shower screens.

If you have a shower bath, then there are bath storage trays available in different materials to suit your bathroom’s appearance. Bath trays are easy to make from left-over wood or pallets and can be tailored to your requirements.

If you have a rail with a shower curtain, why not think about using a shoe-storage hanging system to store your products. This can also be hung from a hook on the back of your main bathroom door. It’s perfect for storing almost everything!

Towel Rails

It can be hard to dry and store multiple wet towels in one bathroom. For a busy family bathroom, fix multiple towel rails to the back of your bathroom door to save valuable wall space.

As an alternative to a towel rail, why not roll towels and store them in a wine bottle rack. These can be placed upon a shelf or on the bathroom floor.

Chrome Bathroom Storage Shelf with Rail for Towels
Step Stool Storage

This is the perfect multi-functional solution for family bathrooms full of bath time toys. A hollow step stool offers a clever space to store your children’s toys when not in use. It is also the perfect aid to help your little ones to reach the bathroom sink to clean their teeth and wash their hands. Whether you buy one or make it yourself, you can style it to suit your bathroom or make it bright and fun for an enjoyable bath time.

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