Essential Bathroom Accessories

Essential Bathroom Accessories

If you are having a new bathroom designed and installed, then choosing a bathroom company you can trust is hugely important. As well as tidy and considerate bathroom fitters, you might also be in need of experienced bathroom designers who can help you choose practical and stylish accessories to add those all-important final additions.

Towel Rails

Towel rails can have quite the impact on a bathroom so it is worthwhile thinking about the look and style of your towel rail. Towel radiators can be the only source of heat in the room if you do not choose to have underfloor heating so think practically and likewise consider how many towels will need to dry on it.

Matt grey bathroom accessories such as a towel rail can stand out against a tiled wall in modern bathroom design, whereas those who favour a more classic or traditional bathroom might be better to stay true to the bathroom design and select a chrome towel radiator.

Toilet Accessories

In a brand new bathroom, a newly installed toilet will require a loo roll holder nearby and perhaps somewhere to store those extra loo rolls. Storage is essential in a bathroom for all of your toiletries so by consulting an expert bathroom designer, you will be able to figure out what works best in your bathroom which may include somewhere for toilet roll.

Toilet roll holders can be a quirky feature in your bathroom, and add some individuality to a modern bathroom. Copper piping when repurposed makes an awesome loo roll holder and will look slick against a white bathroom tile.

Likewise, in a light and modern bathroom accent colours or a metallic look stand out and toilet brushes can be purchased in a wide range of colours to match other bathroom accessories and will ensure your toilet remains clean and fresh.

Shower Accessories

When planning your bathroom, remember to consider that within the shower you are likely to need some storage to hold any shampoo, conditioner, gels, washes and various other toiletries. An experienced bathroom designer will be able to point you in the direction of some clever ideas such as an alcove within the shower.

If you are tight for space, install shelving to keep your toiletries off the floor. Eye level shelves are great for accessible bathrooms or designs for the elderly as it saves them the hassle of bending down to reach any bottles and makes showering more straightforward. Many of our customers also like the idea of soap or shower dispenser to keep their bathroom look minimal and clean.

Bath Rack

Investing in a bath means you can enjoy time in your bathroom relaxing having a hot soak to unwind. A bath rack or tray can enhance this even further, as you can yourself up with a book, iPad, candles or even a glass of wine – pure luxury!

Likewise, bath racks are great for kids to store their toys in and to give them a surface to play on once you have managed to get them into the bath.

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Accent Colour Bathroom Accessories

Depending on your bathroom design, accessories can add a splash of colour or fit in with the colour scheme. If you opt for a grey bathroom, or any neutral pallet, accented accessories will be able to fit in with your colour scheme.

We have seen a huge number of bathroom accessories nicely compliment bathrooms we have completed. It is great to see a brand new stylish bathroom finished off with a bit of the customer’s personality.

Chrome bathroom accessories can match in with the bathroom taps, so if you prefer a consistent look throughout the bathroom, chrome will leave you with a clean and modern finish. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, toilet brushes and bins are all items that can help you complete your bathroom style.

If you are ready to replace your bathroom, why not give us a call? Based in Salisbury, our team of bathroom designers and fitters can get to work transforming your space. We offer a wide range of bathroom accessories that will provide you with a stunning room to enjoy.

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