How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Mirror

How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Struggling to find a mirror that suits your bathroom? We've provided our expert advice on how to find a mirror that is perfect for your bathroom!

So, you’ve had your dream bathroom fitted or updated and there is just one thing missing…the perfect mirror! A bathroom simply isn’t complete without a mirror to complete the room. Although it may seem insignificant to some, the mirror you choose can either make or break your bathroom. Therefore, you should carefully consider what mirror will perfectly fit your bathroom, to make the most of the space you have available in your bathroom.

Not only is a mirror in your bathroom practical and essential for many people, but a mirror can also completely transform your bathroom, especially when you chose the right one.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

One of the simplest ways to make a small bathroom appear bigger is to be smart with where you place your mirror. Small steps such as placing a mirror opposite a window or adding a light above a mirror can make a noticeable difference in making your bathroom seem more spacious. Read more about how to use lighting to improve your bathroom in our Bathroom Lighting Ideas Tips article here.

Shape and Size

It is no secret that bathroom mirrors come in an abundance of shapes and sizes, which can make choosing the right bathroom mirror difficult due to the overwhelming amount of options available. The size of your bathroom and the placement of all the features in your bathroom, including the shower, toilet and windows will make a significant difference to the size of mirror you can comfortably fit in your bathroom.

Square Bathroom Mirror Salisbury

The shape of the mirror you chose will also come down to how much wall space you have available, as you may be navigating between shelves to place a mirror. Having a round mirror attached to your bathroom wall may be more effective if you don’t have much space.

If you have a wall with no disruptions on it apart from the sink basin, then you have the perfect opportunity to place a large slim line mirror on your wall. Having a mirror that covers the whole top part of a wall can not only be very useful but can look extremely stylish and modern. Being attached closely to the wall these take up little bathroom space and can provide a mirrored view of the whole bathroom.

Full Bathroom Mirror


As mentioned in our previous blog, Top Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom storage is a key element of your bathroom to consider in the planning process. If you’re in need of more storage in your bathroom, a mirrored cabinet is the perfect solution due to its multi-functional purposes.

A common and convenient place to put a mirrored cabinet is above a sink, so if you have enough space there then go ahead! A mirrored cabinet will provide you with essential storage space, solving the problem of lack of storage and space for a mirror. The placement of your mirrored cabinet should be considered before you buy it, to ensure there is enough space to fit it in your bathroom so that it can function properly.


If you desire to carry out your skincare, makeup, shaving or grooming routine, having a smaller magnifying mirror may be essential for you to achieve results with precision. Having an extended magnifying mirror attached to your wall is a great way of saving wall space due to the mirror extending out. This is an effective solution for bathrooms that are short on space yet in need of a useful mirror.

If you aren’t able to attach a magnifying mirror to your wall, having a vanity mirror with a standard and magnified side that can sit on your worktop can provide a similar experience. If you’re wanting more than one mirror in your bathroom, then adding a vanity mirror is the best solution.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

Light Mirrors

What is a better way to brighten up your bathroom and add an element of fun by adding an LED light mirror to your bathroom? Lights can feature in many different ways including as a lighted edge all around the mirror and dots or lines on the inside frame of the mirror.

These mirrors have become extremely popular recently, not just for the practicality and usefulness of the lights but for the abundance of functionalities the mirrors can provide. Some can change colour to any colour you wish, others come with built-in demister pads and many LED lighted mirrors are sensor activated, meaning you don’t need to lift a finger to enjoy the benefits of these mirrors.

Round Bathroom Mirror

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