How to Save Water in the Bathroom

How to Save Water in the Bathroom

According to research, the average water usage for a standard UK household is 164m³ per year.

If you’re thinking about how to reduce your water usage, there’s no better place to start than the bathroom. Read on for some useful tips on how to save water in the bathroom.

Benefits of Saving Water

There are of course benefits to saving water. These include reducing your carbon footprint as well as reduced water bills, and therefore saving you money!

When it comes to incentives, saving money will get a lot of homeowners wanting to reduce their water usage where possible.

Tips for Reducing Water Usage in the Bathroom

So, how can you help conserve water in your bathroom and cut your bill?

1. Use Water Only When You Need To

Although this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how often you leave a tap on for longer than necessary. For example, many people will leave the tap running while brushing their teeth or day dream in the shower for too long.

By thinking about your water usage on a daily basis, you will be more careful with how you use water in your bathroom.

Up to 6 litres of water can be wasted by leaving the tap on for 1 minute. So, only turning the tap on when actually needed will make a huge difference to your water consumption.

Running Tap
2. Take Shorter Showers

While a nice long, hot shower can be just what you need sometimes, cutting down on time in the shower can drastically reduce your water consumption.

Around 2.5 gallons of water are used per minute in the shower. So even cutting the length of your shower by a minute or 2 can really make a difference. Consider also turning the shower off while you shampoo to further reduce water consumption.

3. Upgrade Your Showerhead

You could be wasting water without even knowing about it if you have a leaky showerhead. Ensure to keep a close eye on this and check for any leaks regularly to avoid wasting water.

Additionally, you could consider upgrading your showerhead to a low-flow version with high pressure. This will provide the same performance as your existing shower, but reduce the amount of water that’s used when showering.

Some newer showerheads add air to pressurise the water, providing great water pressure but reduced water consumption.

Low-Flow Showerhead
4. Shower vs Bath

Generally, taking a short shower instead of filling the tub for a bath will use less water. However, taking a 20 minute shower will end up using more water than a bath.

If you don’t wish to give up the luxury of a soak in the bathtub, then consider how full you need to fill the bath. Or if someone needs the bath after you, don’t completely rinse it. You could refresh the bathwater with more water rather than running an entirely new tub.

5. Use a Dual Flush Toilet System

Dual flush systems can help significantly reduce water consumption from flushing the toilet. By using the appropriate flush for liquid waste and solid waste, you’ll only use the amount of water required for it to drain away.

Consider all these water saving tips for the bathroom and you’ll soon be saving water and money.

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