Tips for a Child-Friendly Bathroom

child friendly bathroom

When thinking about your bathroom design, it is vital to consider its features from all perspectives, including adults and children. What may seem like a stylish feature for the adults of the house, may not be practical for the children. Likewise, what may be appropriate for children, may not help create a relaxing environment that adults are looking for.

A family bathroom should be functional, stylish and most importantly – safe to use for children. Creating a child-friendly bathroom requires some thought in order to achieve a space that is suitable for the whole family to use. Read on for some tips to consider when designing a child-friendly bathroom.

Think Ahead

I’m sure any parent will tell you that children grow up fast. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead when designing your bathroom. You may have a baby now, but features should be incorporated to ensure the bathroom remains practical, safe and stylish in future years as well.

Safety is Paramount

The most important thing to think about is your child’s safety when using the bathroom. Some features to help make the room as safe as possible could include:

  • Thermostatic controls or thermostatic mixing valve on taps to prevent water from reaching scalding temperatures.
  • Rubber mat on the bottom of the bath to help prevent risk of slipping over.
  • Door lock out of children’s reach.
  • Soft-close toilet seat.
  • Plastic tumblers/toothbrush holders instead of glass.
  • Avoid inclusion of sharp corners.
  • Never leave young children unattended in the bathroom.

Thermostatic Controls

Ensure it is Accessible

The bathroom should be made as accessible as possible for children so that they can be independent when using it. This will help make things easier when rushing to get ready before the school run. Consider:

  • Low profile shower trays.
  • Stool step to help kids get in and out of tall-sided baths and reach basins.
  • Easy to reach toilet flush.
  • Toddler seat for the toilet.
  • Hooks or towel rails at a height they can reach.

Use Suitable Storage

Storage is important in any bathroom, but especially so when children are involved. Storage space should be set aside for kids’ bath toys and paraphernalia. This could be a cupboard below a basin, or a bucket beside the bathtub perhaps.

People tend to keep medications, razorblades, cleaning products and items that could prove harmful to children in the bathroom. Make sure you use a cabinet well out of children’s reach to store such items. You could even consider lockable storage for extra peace of mind.

Minimise Wet Surfaces

Children and water unfortunately mean splashing and wet floors are inevitable. A water resistant and sealed flooring is a must to avoid water leaking through to the ceilings downstairs. Non-slip floor tiling offers the most practical and safe surface.

Shower baths are great for minimising water splashing over on to the floor as they often have glass enclosures to prevent this. And an essential in any bathroom is a bath mat to keep the floor dry when stepping out of the bath.

Keep these tips in mind when thinking about your child-friendly bathroom, and you’ll be on your way to creating a space that’s safe and suitable for use by children.

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