4 Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mould

4 Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mould

Bathrooms are a perfect location for mould to grow in, as the build-up of moisture creates the ideal environment for common fungus Stachybotrys, aka black mould, to thrive. If you are considering replacing your bathroom, you will certainly want to prevent any forms of mould thriving in your new shiny space so here are some preventative steps to take.

Steps to take to prevent black mould from taking hold

It is much easier to prevent mould at the outset by taking a few simple steps to ensure your bathroom isn’t left damp and attractive for spores to start growing.

1. A wonderful weekly clean

A weekly clean will certainly help keep black mould away from your bathroom. Wiping over any bathroom surface where mould could potentially grow, such as the walls, will ensure the bathroom remains gleaming. Black mould on ceilings is another common issue so even give that a wipe down where possible. Keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning also means it is much easier to clean with less muck and grime to remove.

2. Ventilation is prevention

A well-ventilated bathroom will certainly help you combat any black mould as with fresh air flowing through open doors and windows after a hot bath or shower will ensure the damp conditions that mould thrives in will be reduced. If you are having a bathroom makeover, then why not add an extractor fan to enhance your bathroom.

3. Less moisture, less problems.

Bathroom towels, bathroom mats, shower curtains, washing being left to dry can all prolong a damp environment in a bathroom. Leave towels in a position that they can dry more quickly and shake off the shower curtain to reduce the amount of water left on it which can create a breeding ground for mould. If you can dry your towels and bathmats on a radiator and can heat your bathroom so it dries out quicker, even better!

4. Consider an easy clean bathroom design

If you are considering a replacement bathroom, take the time to think about how easy it will be to clean. There are a number of products that are designed to make our lives easier. Our very own designers can factor in easy clean ideas into your planned bathroom so you can spend more time soaking, not scrubbing.

Easy to wipe flooring and larger wall tiles with less grout, tray free walk-in showers and backless toilers are all available, while we can also ensure that your room is well ventilated to extract the damp from your bathroom and eradicate black mould forever!

Shift mould from bathroom sealant & get it sparkling

Bathroom sealant is another hot spot when it comes to mould as the damp often remains around it for longer periods of time. Bicarbonate of soda mixed with vinegar is a great formula to use if you want to clean the mould off your bath or shower sealant. Creating a paste with 250ml of white wine vinegar and the bicarbonate allows you to create a thicker mix that you can cover the sealant with and then after being left on for five minutes, scrub it over to reveal your shining sealant.

Are there any health risks with black mould?

As well as being a bit unsightly, sharing your shower or bathroom with mould isn’t very pleasant. Prolonged exposure to damp conditions isn’t too healthy for anyone but especially for those who suffer from any breathing conditions so keeping up a regular cleaning routine is definitely worthwhile to keep any black mould at bay.

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