Wet Room Vs Shower Room

Choosing between a wet room and a shower room can often be a hard decision to make. We've created a helpful guide highlighting the benefits of each to help make your decision a little easier.

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If you’re planning your new family bathroom or ensuite and you’re finding it hard to decide between a wet room and shower room, this helpful guide talks about the benefits of each.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms have become increasingly popular thanks to their contemporary aesthetic. It’s their streamlined appearance that gives the illusion of more open space. With a single pane of glass or totally open sides, your new wet room is unobtrusive to your bathroom’s space and aesthetic. Depending on the size of your bathroom, your wet room can be centralised to make a feature, enabling you to gain access from both sides.

Wet Room Installation


As a wet room does not require a shower tray, you instantly remove the trip hazard a raised shower tray presents. Wet rooms are a great choice for people suffering from a disability or mobility issue as they can walk straight in, using a glass partition for support. It’s easy to install a handle assistant to the wet room wall for added support too. Due to a lack of surrounding wall, a wet room is a more open area that doesn’t restrict mobility once you’re in the shower.

Easy to Clean

A wet room in most instances will have a tiled floor which can easily be mopped over when cleaning the rest of your bathroom floor. With a single pane of glass, there are fewer fixings and joins to clean between. Wet rooms are relatively low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, meaning you can say goodbye to wiping out shower trays and scrubbing in-between shower door fixings.

Small Wet Rooms

The use of a wet room in a small bathroom can help to create the illusion of more space. Thanks to a wet room’s ‘openness,’ there are fewer interruptions in the aesthetic landscape, giving the illusion of a vaster and uninterrupted space.

It is important to remember that your drainage may need adapting as a wet room requires an adequate gradient to drain away water. We have installed many wet rooms and would recommend using a professional bathroom installer to ensure you are left with a new shower that will perform for years to come.

A wet room is modern and practical for many reasons. It may be more expensive to install one as opposed to renewing an existing shower tray, but it will update the appearance of your bathroom, leaving you with a stylish and luxurious space. If you’re thinking of selling your property, it could help to increase the value.


Shower Rooms

Shower rooms have been around for some time and have been what has led our nation to prefer showering over bathing. Shower cubicles and walk-in showers are cost-effective and efficient, requiring a less involved installation process. With our lives becoming increasingly busy, showers are the nation’s preferred choice for self-cleaning.

Bathroom Shower Salisbury

Small Bathrooms & Ensuites

Shower cubicles are available in a range of design configurations including D-shaped, quadrant and corner styles, making them a popular choice for small bathrooms and en-suites. They’re ideal for maximising corner spaces, recesses and awkward spaces by providing an enclosed area to shower.


Shower cubicles can be tailored to be the perfect access solution for those who need a little more assistance manoeuvring in and out of their wash space. We are able to fit shower cubicles with handrail assistants, folding in-shower seats, and anti-slip trays, to make your experience more comfortable.


No matter how much space you have available in your bathroom, you want to maximise its potential and create a stylish aesthetic. Whether you want to achieve clean lines or break-up your bathroom’s linear appearance, shower cubicles can be box-like or have sweeping curved doors. And if you like the idea of a wet room but want to keep a shower tray, you can opt for a walk in shower. Shower trays are widely available in a range of finishes from acrylic to stone, and everything in between.


Most bathrooms will have some type of shower already in situ, so buying a shower to replace what already exists may be more cost effective than having to make provisions for a wet room. With so many design configurations available, it’s easy to modernise your bathroom by replacing your existing shower.


Here at Replace Your Bathroom, we’ve installed a number of showers and wet rooms in all different sized bathrooms. If you need some help or inspiration contact us and a member of the Replace Your Bathroom team who will be happy to assist you. We can design, supply and install your new bathroom. Find out more about our wet rooms and shower rooms.

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